Asha Jyoti

Samraksha’s flagship programme is Palliative Care Centre, AshaJyoti. This is a 15 bedded Palliative Care centre. It was earlier operating from Kustagi, a taluka in Koppal and has now shifted to Koppal. This centre offers symptom control, pain relief and, wherever necessary, end of life care.

The centre works in close co-ordination with the district hospital in Koppal. It is managed by a multi-disciplinary team of doctors, nurses, peer counselors and professional counselors. Two senior specialists in palliative care and HIV medicine provide online support through teleconferencing.

As part of its efforts to strengthen care and support services in the area, Asha Jyoti is also involved in capacity building, specially in the area of Palliative Care. The centre organizes seminars and training programmes for doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff on Palliative Care. It also trains care volunteers to be the first point of support for people affected by HIV in the community.