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World Hospice day

32 International Candlelight Memorial Day.

          Samraksha observed the 32 Candlelight Memorial Day in the AshaJyoti Palliative Care centre in Koppal on May 17,2015. This day is observed across 115 countries and by over 1200 organizations, as a mark of respect to the people who have succumbed to HIV and to reaffirms support for people living with HIV.

           This event was attended by many district authorities including the district police superintendent, district surgeon and district AIDS prevention and control officer. Religious leaders from Islam, Christian and Hindu communities spoke of the need to be supportive to affected people. Affected people shared their stories of living with HIV and having lost loved ones to HIV. All of them underscored the fact that emotional distress caused as much suffering to people living with HIV as physical illness and fear and superstition still hindered a lot of people from accessing services.

           The event ended with the light of candles in memory of people who have succumbed to HIV and all participants took a pledge to continue to support affected people.