Samraksha Resources

With over two decades of experience in working with vulnerable people and communities, Samraksha frequently works as a resource organization providing support in training, community facilitation and material development for other organizations and projects

Samraksha conducted an in-depth impact assessment for Samuha, an organization working on different aspects of rural development. This study used participatory methodologies like most significant change and community self assessment to understand the impact of twenty five years of Samuha’s work with the village communities of Raichur and Koppal. To see the study report, see here

Samraksha is currently working with village communities in Raichur and Koppal in a visioning process, which helps communities formulate dreams for their villages, systematically prioritize them and come up with plans to attain this objective. This process is part of a larger programme initiated by Samuha in the area, which focuses on promoting non-pesticide farming and water conservation.

Samraksha is also working with these village communities to build perspectives on the issue of gender equality and help the communities understand the value of more equitable distribution of opportunities and work-burden between men and women.

Samraksha co-ordinated the development of a manual for counseling women in sex work. This project was commissioned by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences as part of a Global Fund grant to build capacities for counseling across the country. To see the manual, click here.